Titanic Event

I had so much fun tonight! Yes, I know 1522+/- died… And we honored them…. But my Titanic Event night was just full of trivia and fun and interest and laughter and tea and scones and movies and documentaries and books and tickets and an awesome gangway and a hilarious photo op and spitting contest and costume contest and melt the ice cube the fastest contest and trivia scavenger hunt and the Encyclopedia Titanica dot org and my iPad app of building the Titanic and a lifeboat tied to the outside bench and lacy tablecloths and candelabra and enthusiastic kids and fun adults! Now it’s late, and Brandon and Megan and Quinlan are asleep in my computer room… Hence my post via email. I’ll post some pics tomorrow… But for the first time in a long time, I’m going to read something more uplifting than books about the Titanic!

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