An afternoon catching up with friends from the past… We all worked at Girl Scout National Center West here in Ten Sleep.  Maybe I won’t say how many years ago, but it *has* been a while!  They were great and … Continue reading


This time of year, that word, “harvest”, applies to so many different things. Part of it is harvesting some minor money off of all the hunters that have descended upon Ten Sleep.  Our Hunter Fest is full of raffles and … Continue reading


One of the coolest displays in the Spice Village mega store (where there are tons of cool displays)… was this one. Use them for tags, bookmarks, frame them… whatever.  Different sizes.  Hardly any repeats in that entire bin!!!  There were … Continue reading

T-shirt Conversations and Nice People

Tidbits: I’m still waiting on 200+ photos to download… so here’s some interesting stories from my trip… We took 100 pounds of Wyoming Sugar and 100 pounds of fresh pinto beans down to Texas to donate to people impacted by … Continue reading


Where to begin??? While I missed much of the major work around the ranch while I was gone, (preg testing, trailing the cows off the top of the mountain), I arrived back just in time for the major work at … Continue reading