Cousin Robb 4

Cousin Robb has spent time in a Thai Monastery and wanted to share… I turn my platform over to him… Happiness Training – 10 Days of Meditative Silence in a Thai Monastery Could I do it? Could I go ten … Continue reading


For years, Bob has been a fixture on this place. Wherever Johnny was, there was Bob in his shadow. Quiet. Observant. He had a hell of an outrun… swinging WAY out and around stock… and as he aged, it was … Continue reading

It Has Begun…

It’s a girl! Vernon and I ran down to Ten Sleep to attend the middle school girls’ basketball tournament.  We have neighbors with girls playing in it, and have never made one of their games all season, so we blasted … Continue reading

Subtle Signs

Mother Nature continues to tempt us with thoughts of springtime. They may be subtle. They may be minor. But they exist just the same. The warmth of a 40 degree day actually *feels* warm.  The sun has a strength to … Continue reading