I spent yesterday afternoon huffing, puffing, and swinging an axe. In November, when the first snow fell, we weren’t thinking about calving.  We were thinking let the cows and horses graze unimpeded.  Which is great.  Which works fine until February. … Continue reading

Neighborly OOPE

We helped the neighbors vaccinate their cows.  It was the perfect opportunity to share more OOPE photos that show a different setting! First of all, notice anything different? Yup, our cows used to look like this when Vernon and I got married. … Continue reading

Meanwhile… Back at the Ranch

I’ve taken a bit of a detour lately, focusing on my hobby of pysanky.  Thanks for putting up with that… and I may include a photo of the next egg or two I create, just for kicks, in the future. … Continue reading

The Winner is…

The winner of the pysanky egg is JoAnna! Thanks to everyone for entering… I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! … Continue reading

Long Day off the Ranch

Well, this sure was a day that got away from me! First came the typical routine… Then I made a peach cobbler and lunch… Then S. showed up to give me a copy of her book and visit for a … Continue reading