Here they come… there they go

My sister took this picture for me… I love it.  Here we all are, well, my sister and my husband are both following us with the pickup and horsetrailer… But look!  It’s US!  After a long day of cowboyin’, we … Continue reading

KD gets a new home

I know without a doubt that I have learned more about dogs in the past few years than I ever knew before…  Since I was young, I dreamed of my own dog.  My dad had bird dogs…until we moved to … Continue reading

A Bad Bike Ride

 I’d pulled the onions from the garden, fearing a hard freeze.  It was 5 o’clock, just enough time for a quick bike ride before I had to cook supper.  I left the onions laying out to dry in the last … Continue reading

Gotta Go

Camouflage. Sometimes, just sometimes, when Vernon says he has to run to the other place for some odd quick job, I just gotta go.  I gotta stop looking out my living room window.  I gotta breathe some clean air that … Continue reading

A Walk

We could no longer resist, the weather was perfect, the skies were blue, and who really really cares if my floor needed mopped?  Another bike ride to the creek, hoping to reenact yesterday’s dramatic swim fest.  Alas, nothing so lively. … Continue reading