Pysanky Monochrome

OK… If you are just getting into pysanky… this is a quick and fun learning experience. I just do this design freehand, and vines and leaves seem to be an easy subject for me.  I often recommend that people draw … Continue reading

Pysanky – Nontraditional

Thanks to those that have entered my pysanky giveaway… your odds are really good at winning it!  😉 For those that have been following my traditional Ukrainian egg decorating lessons… it’s time to get wild and crazy! We tried traditional designs … Continue reading

Pysanky Giveaway

Well, since all the big blogs do it, I decided to have a giveaway! Sorry, can’t afford anything big like cameras and gift cards…but I thought I’d follow in my traditional method of giving away my first creation… of my … Continue reading

Pysanky Continued

I’ve taken you through the basic steps of pysanky… from white egg to wax covered, multi-colored egg.  The last dye was black.  There is no need to cover the black since you are done!   Congratulations! Now comes the fun … Continue reading

Pysanky Continued

Pysanky Continued We started with a plain ol’ egg, drew on it, covered what we wanted to remain white with wax. The next step… what do we want yellow? Same rule applies here… Everything we want yellow has to be … Continue reading