Top Bar Hive Refurbished

My new bees will be coming Thursday (maybe… a blizzard is predicted for tomorrow, so we’ll see if that slows him down).  Newbees, happy dance!  Newbies!  La la la… So, I’m refurbishing Messopotamia, my secondhand top bar hive… and since … Continue reading

Honey Tales

There’s wildflowers out.  A few yellow bells, some white phlox, and by my garage, even some dandelions.  Yippee!  I know I didn’t use to cheer dandelions, but I do now.  In February, my bees were happy.  In March, they were … Continue reading

Ten Things You Don’t Know About: Honey Bees

1.  First of all, and this is the one I want you to know for sure… Although there are 4,000 (!) species of bees in North America, the honey bee is NOT native to North America.  Some list the date … Continue reading

Bee Food

With the warm weather, I’ve checked on my bees some more.  Funny how I think it is HOT, and I drive to the Bee Barn and the thermometer inside says it’s only in the high 40˚’s.  I think since it … Continue reading

Happy Girls

Bummer.  Everyone has had a cold around here, after the nasty crud in December, and the flu over Christmas… and I thought, knock on wood, that it might just pass me by.  Nope.  I got it.  It’s been a horrid … Continue reading