After dropping my two dogs off at the vet’s for another romantic appointment, we flew down to Riverton, Wyoming.  It was sale day for some of our yearling heifers. It all hinges on three minutes of auctioneering… but there’s all … Continue reading

Number Practice

Take every chance you get to practice your numbers. It doesn’t matter if you’re helping your dad tag replacement heifers… Even if you’re running the end gate on occasion… Just get those tag numbers in the correct order, and practice … Continue reading


Weight is important. A rancher’s paycheck is based on the weight of his cattle.  If he sells calves or steers or old open cows, the price bid is based on the weight and condition of the animal. We keep a … Continue reading

Cool Cowboys

Guaranteed to happen: Work outside in the cold (22˚ this morning). Ride, walk, work the gate sorting cattle – back and forth, back and forth. Ride some more. Stand around, cooling off and getting stiff, but talking with neighbors and … Continue reading


It’s time to bring the cows down off of our mid-range Mesa Pasture before this next snowstorm hits.  Yesterday they brought some from a different pasture to this one, but today we take them all the rest of the way. … Continue reading