Dally at Work

These photos are hot off the press… literally from freshly digitized creations to my computer. By jove, I think she’s got it!!! <Add your own British accent> Good girl.  ‘At’ll do! … Continue reading

Spring Day

Although our calf count is now up to 8 calves… I have yet to get a good photograph of the little buggers. I’ve taken my camera along… and had to put it down due to the high amount of mud … Continue reading


For years, Bob has been a fixture on this place. Wherever Johnny was, there was Bob in his shadow. Quiet. Observant. He had a hell of an outrun… swinging WAY out and around stock… and as he aged, it was … Continue reading

It Has Begun…

It’s a girl! Vernon and I ran down to Ten Sleep to attend the middle school girls’ basketball tournament.  We have neighbors with girls playing in it, and have never made one of their games all season, so we blasted … Continue reading