Neighborly OOPE

We helped the neighbors vaccinate their cows.  It was the perfect opportunity to share more OOPE photos that show a different setting! First of all, notice anything different? Yup, our cows used to look like this when Vernon and I got married. … Continue reading

Meanwhile… Back at the Ranch

I’ve taken a bit of a detour lately, focusing on my hobby of pysanky.  Thanks for putting up with that… and I may include a photo of the next egg or two I create, just for kicks, in the future. … Continue reading

OOPE Feeding

Last night Vernon asked me to help feed this morning.  We needed to get done in good time in order to go help our neighbors vaccinate their cows.  He rises early.  I followed.  At 5:30 this morning.  Made our coffee. … Continue reading

Wild Calf Movie

A few weeks ago when we were vaccinating our heifers, we had this little devil to take care of.  This is the first “oops” calf (not to be confused with OOPE!) that I can remember having here this early.  Evidently … Continue reading

Photo Editing

As I struggled with the topic for today… I found myself falling back on older photos that I didn’t get to share with you for one reason or another. Instead of giving them to you straight from my pocket, I … Continue reading