Quinlan’s Perspective

Today we shipped our steers. Normally, I’m in the scale house with Johnny, getting weights and counts… but today Megan served in that position… and I kept an eye on Quinlan and Lorelei. I even let Quinlan take some photos … Continue reading

A Few More

A few more pics from yesterday… this time, in black and white. Can you spot the cowboy in this one?  Riding through a field of wildflowers… Ghostly rider cutting through the pines. … Continue reading

Silly Zone

Remember this post from last year??? Splash Zone. That’s what I entitled it… getting soaking wet while moving our heifers to their mountain pasture. Well, we repeated the move today… without a rain cloud in sight! The girls were ready … Continue reading


Daniel, Brandon, Victoria, and Matt ride out early in the morning… … Continue reading


Long day. We made it home by 6:30, though we did take a long lunch break at 3 pm.  That was particularly nice, since, well, first of all… lunch! and Cold Water.  I had definitely overheated.  But then, afternoon clouds … Continue reading