Blue sky.  We actually had Blue Sky! So, naturally, we worked cows. **** I guess it’s a new month… any questions out there for another Q&A post in a few days?  Send me your questions… and I’ll answer them to … Continue reading

Cowboyed Up

The rain continued this morning, but was predicted to clear, so we finally cowboyed up, saddled up, and began to work cows. We’re putting cattle out onto our BLM allotment.  (That does NOT mean Black Lives Matter, it means Bureau … Continue reading


Two minutes after a tired little boy fell asleep, the phone rang with the news that we had a calf out on the highway.  Of course, we did. I sent a text to Brandon… the only one of us who … Continue reading

Call It

Finally!  A few cows were turned out onto green grass and fresh pasture! Daniel cuts out a pair… They come out onto the highway… I had a little baby who lost its momma… but the guys found her and turned … Continue reading


One thing about the side by side… when a calf needs to return to its momma… It works perfectly! Caught, hobbled with bungee cords, and whisked back 1.5 miles… with Lucas kicked into the front seat! I drove around, looking … Continue reading