Partway Up

We trailed to our mountain pasture… our big workday… But this year, for me, it was a tad different.  Instead of riding, I had babysitting duty, watching five grandkids.  That freed up three people to ride instead of just me, … Continue reading

Long Ol’ Days

Another day of trailing cattle. Vernon rode along today. They trailed right along… paired up for the most part.  We had gathered the little holding pasture, trailed them to the Mesa Pasture, paired them up and sent them through the … Continue reading

That Grin

Longmire Days was fun… definitely more people this year, although I really only felt it at the street dance.  I didn’t push for photos or autographs, but just enjoyed the visits, the food, the craft fair, the town of Buffalo, … Continue reading

Quinlan’s Perspective

Today we shipped our steers. Normally, I’m in the scale house with Johnny, getting weights and counts… but today Megan served in that position… and I kept an eye on Quinlan and Lorelei. I even let Quinlan take some photos … Continue reading