Ride Along

Ride along with Daniel… **** Last call for more questions… Ask away! … Continue reading


A couple other photos from working cows… … Continue reading

Eagles As My Witness

The plan was to get our cows ready for calving season… Giving them a couple of shots and some pour-on so that they’ll be at their healthiest when their babies are born.  Think of it as bovine forms of pre-natal … Continue reading

Deal With It

We bangs vaccinated our young little heifers today… Most of the work preparing for today, I have missed.  That was bringing them to the corral, sorting off any older heifers and cows, and weighing them.  Today I was late as … Continue reading

Never Once

I was prepared to be cold today.  All the ranches were going to do the final gather of the stock out in our allotment… which meant riding horseback and covering some country. But Tess called to volunteer… if I’d watch … Continue reading