Questions and Answers – November 2012 Edition

Let’s get going! Sandy G.: Was there a reason for tying the twine on the chicken’s leg? (Keep it out of your garden, keep it nearby, or just for some fun!!) ??? (I am an ignoramus when it comes to … Continue reading

Just Ducky

After I finished canning the last 5 pints of salsa for the year, and cleaning house, and looking for calendar photos… I headed outside for some fresh air. I drove up and examined the center pivot from close up… still … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – October 2012 Edition

Well, I’m cruising along this evening, thinking I was forgetting something… la-ti-da… Then I set down here and it hit me! Q&A! Argh! TOTALLY forgot about it until just now… so let’s see how many I can answer before I … Continue reading


Here’s my last photo of Tully… And one of the last of Chabot… Can you tell they’re really stressed out about going to their new homes??? Yeah.  NOT. Then… let’s go back to yesterday… and that tomato hornworm??? Bleh. This … Continue reading

Strange Sight

I came home from work yesterday to a strange sight. There, in the grass, not far from my chicken tractor, was a shredded black plastic bag. At least, that’s what I thought it was. A few steps towards it, and … Continue reading