Random Dog

Victoria and I debated on who was gonna ride, who was gonna watch her kids… and this morning at 6:20 when she woke me up…(!) I decided *she* was going to ride… and I’d corral her kids. Tonight, as my … Continue reading

Minute Movie: “Summer Pasture”

Let me explain a few things… There are cows all along the route, they’re just hidden either by trees or landscape… There is no huge gap between the front and rear. The sky is smoky due to the fire… Dally … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Waiting and Watching”

Covered in mud from a boggy seep, this is Dally’s version of “Go Lay Down”. … Continue reading

Fence ‘Em In

“Fences make good neighbors.” We’ve all heard that adage, and when it comes to running livestock, it’s never more true!!! Escapee cows/calves/steers/bulls cost us lots of man hours.  Whether its through neglect, age, wildlife, nature, or just obstinate critters, fences … Continue reading