Questions and Answers March 2017 Edition

JoAmy: How did you meet your husband? Well, strangely enough, I’ve been asked this question enough that I actually wrote a blog post about it HERE.  It’s all about coincidences… Joan: Do the new calves and their moms stay in … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – February 2017 Edition

Steph: I was wondering if you use the same veterinarian for both large and small animals. Yes, we do.  We’ve used The Good Doctor for many, many years… with occasional visits to others as needed, depending on the situation.  Most … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – August 2016 Edition

Marilyn:  How do you find buried pipeline? You must have some new device to do that? The device is called a shovel… a thing that doesn’t necessarily like to work on very hot days… 😉 Carole:  I know you have … Continue reading

Questions and Answers: May 2016 Edition

Tom:  For Q and A Who makes that mini-truck you have? I want one. Do you know Shreve Stockton, she must live nearby? My little white truck is a Mitsubishi Minicab.  Google “Japanese minitrucks” and you will find many styles … Continue reading

Questions and Answers: March 2016 Edition (Part Two)

Joan: “What do you suppose made it tangle like that? Isn’t barbed wire usually tight enough for that not to happen?” Twists in barbed wire are usually caused by wildlife jumping them and catching on the wires with their legs.  … Continue reading