We had a short break from the regular routine because we celebrated the twins’ sixth birthday today! As usual, I can’t share photos of them, but I will tell you a cute story. Wyatt was the first to wake up … Continue reading


Weight is important. A rancher’s paycheck is based on the weight of his cattle.  If he sells calves or steers or old open cows, the price bid is based on the weight and condition of the animal. We keep a … Continue reading

Laser Thoughts

Forgot my camera.  I know. I *always* have it with me… and it was only 50′ away… but Lucas and I were in the vet’s office for a laser treatment today, and I didn’t remember it until he had his … Continue reading

Got It

For those of you who’ve never been in a western state, you might not have seen these exquisite creatures, the pronghorn antelope.  Small, fleet of foot with exceptional vision, “goats” as I grew up calling them, are everywhere in Wyoming.  … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Lotta Country”

(from a couple of weeks ago…)  (there’s a 500′ canyon just in front of me!)  (click on the puzzle below for some fun) Lotta Country Puzzle … Continue reading