#TBT: A Load

This is quite the load of hay… No date.   … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Jackpot”

Did I ever properly introduce you to Jackpot??? Jackpot Puzzle … Continue reading


I keep seeing friends sharing photos that have been filtered through the Prisma app. I had to join in. My favorite (newest) photo of Brandon using different filters… … Continue reading

Second Time Lapse

Second time lapse. I was guessing at the direction and angle… since my GoPro doesn’t have a screen and it wouldn’t talk to my iPad, this is what I managed to capture.  Although it’s not bad, I certainly would have … Continue reading


The countdown is continuing for the Total Solar Eclipse… One thing I wanted to do for it was have a time lapse of the landscape.  That meant pulling out my sadly neglected GoPro and trying to figure it out AGAIN.  … Continue reading