Family Resemblance

Dally and Lucas survey the badlands scenery while the snow-capped Big Horn Mountains recline behind them. … Continue reading


Today was the first day we’ve managed to make it out into our “badlands” pastures.  These are BLM lands where we run our cattle in conjunction with some other ranchers.  We rotate between three pastures, using two a year, in … Continue reading

It seems like forever…

Spring has continued to come to cowboy country…We are over 3/4 done with all our calving, but, yes, there is still one stupid heifer left we still check!  Grrr… makes you wish for some oxytocin!  The rest of the birds … Continue reading


Today has been one of those days where I can’t seem to focus.  When I went to bed last night, the air smelled of rain, and I could have sworn it would be raining all night.  I awoke to drifting … Continue reading

Playing catchup

It seemed like every night I was too tired and too busy to write anything…then I had high hopes for spring break, with the boys coming home for a week, surely I could write something.  Plus Victoria was coming for … Continue reading