Dally looks over Greet Ranch. … Continue reading

Coolin’ Off

Lucas lays on a deer trail still covered in snow to cool off.  It was all of 45 degrees, but we’d been hiking for a while.  He’s watching Boomer on the other side of the draw follow whiffs of bunny … Continue reading

94 years young

We went to my husband’s uncle’s 94th birthday celebration today.  It was held in Ten Sleep at the old Seventh Day Adventist Church…which actually was Ten Sleep’s first elementary school building.  It was a good turnout for a family gathering.  … Continue reading


“Elsa, Dear”  is my endearment for this little lady.  As hard-headed as she can be sometimes…othertimes she is my silent shadow, at my heels, head tilted to see any look, any sign that I give that might concern her.  A … Continue reading

Favorite Model

“You ask me of my companions. The hills sir, and the sundown, and a dog as large as myself.” – Emily Dickinson … Continue reading