We’re Set

I spent the morning trying to create some crafts. I’ve joined up with the Friends of the Ten Sleep Library for a fun little project. I did it years ago when I worked at the library… it’s called The Festival … Continue reading

A Click

I hid inside today… a day of snow flurries and wind. If Daniel wasn’t here, I’m sure I would have been out in this mess! I believe I could easily be spoiled! I wasn’t just a slug though, I actually … Continue reading

Western Transformation

I’ve avoided the heat as of late, if I can, by working on this little project. Purchased for $5 at a garage sale, two of these wooden handmade lamps caught my eye. Nice, but kind of blah. My process? Deconstruct … Continue reading

Pleasing Results

The other day, my youngest son took the time to teach me how to weld.  He was busy in the same shop, but patiently explained the very basics… handed me some rod… and set me free.  This is a goal … Continue reading

Crane In Grass

K, Folks, here it is! My “Crane in Grass” is making its completed debut… I know… DEFINITELY not square, which is easy to see outdoors but in the dark shop on an uneven floor it was more, uh… difficult.  I … Continue reading