Top Bar Hive Refurbished

My new bees will be coming Thursday (maybe… a blizzard is predicted for tomorrow, so we’ll see if that slows him down).  Newbees, happy dance!  Newbies!  La la la… So, I’m refurbishing Messopotamia, my secondhand top bar hive… and since … Continue reading


Well, remember I told you I hauled my tools up to the garage from my studio?  There was no where to put them!  Argh!  Long ago, I had Daniel cut some logs to be legs for a workbench and they … Continue reading

Name My Dream

September of 2009.  My… how long ago that was!  I had a dream. I dreamed an old cabin turned chicken coop could be emptied of junk and remade into My Space.  I went into this project with enthusiasm, hauling away … Continue reading


I’m not going to do the Q&A tonight, so take the time to send me one more question… **** I have been working on some minor (and one not so minor) projects when I can… I decided my front door, … Continue reading


It was a simply gorgeous day here today… and I took it for myself!  The “I-should-be-doing”s got shoved aside and I wandered out to my studio.  With winter coming on, my main priority has to be sealing up gaps… and, … Continue reading