#TBT: Homestead Photo

No Date, No Names, No Location … Continue reading

#TBT: Sex in the Country, Revisited

So, it’s been quiet and just “different” without Dally around.  As her Guard Dog position warranted, she was Number One Barker to alert me when anyone drove by… even Brandon… six times a day… Lucas and Eden are MUCH quieter … Continue reading

#TBT: A Load

This is quite the load of hay… No date.   … Continue reading

#TBT: Old House

A relative posted this the other day, and at first glance, I assumed it was the old house on our place.  But things don’t work out… the porch is wrong, did the garden go all the way to the creek?… … Continue reading

#TBT: Where Were You?

July 20, 1969 My dad called me in from playing outside.  I whined pitifully, preferring to hulahoop, or play some game with my friends, or something Very Important to my ten year old self. “Get in here, now!  Someday you’ll … Continue reading