#TBT : Snow on the Ground

Since most of Wyoming is reeling from a winter storm… and we are dry but cold… I pulled up a winter photo for you.  I assume they are putting more hay in the top of the barn.  That’s where we … Continue reading

#TBT: Golden Rule Grocer Co.

I’m researching my family heritage… using different ways to decipher all the information out there besides just using ancestry.com.  I’m presenting a Beginner’s Guide to Genealogy class in a couple of weeks, and figured a few examples of thinking outside … Continue reading

#TBT: Saddle Up

No caption.  No date.  Just a bunch of cowboys saddling up next to the cook tent. … Continue reading

#TBT: Cabin and Dogs

This is possibly Ernest and Louise Greet at their cabin with their dogs. I thought their cabin was on Otter Creek… but maybe I’m thinking of William Greet.  Genealogy gets so confusing… especially when the places don’t look right!  No … Continue reading

Happy #TBT, or Something

Yes, yes, it’s Thursday… where’s the #TBT? Well, see… I knew I’d missed it… my BLOGOVERSARY was January 20th!!!  I mean, that’s kinda typical… I’m always late with presents or birthday cards or whatever… I NEVER seem to get my … Continue reading