Wet Felting Slippers – Part Two

Finally. I think I have it figured out.  It doesn’t like long videos.  How I would ever post something like a 20 minute video… it’s just not gonna let me. Here’s Part Two of what will become a long series … Continue reading

Wet Felted Slipper Tutorial (Part One)

Held my mouth right, and the video uploaded!  Yay! Well, I also shortened it, so Part Two and most likely Part Three will be coming as well. I still am planning my next Q&A session, neverfear.  Should I have problems … Continue reading

Sparrow Video

Rain and snow. It was great to see, as the country was dusty already. Although Ten Sleep didn’t receive much, I had .22″ in my rain gauge!  The grass will grow with that. Today I finally uploaded a video I … Continue reading

Old Times

Calves keep coming along steadily.  There hasn’t been a BIG BUSY DAY.  In fact, you know how I’ve told you in the past, how we get them in the corral, so we can keep a good eye on them and … Continue reading

Bale Feeder Video

Video!  Yay! Years ago, the guys started working on building a bale feeder.  They bought a flatbed trailer and started designing. Now, you know how we feed the  cows EVERY DAY in the winter.  It takes two guys… One to … Continue reading