The Zone on Video

Remember the Zone? Well, I captured it on video yesterday morning… So if you’re up for 4 minutes of puppy squirming, squeaking, grunting, and nursing… you’re one happy puppy. Or eleven. Please notice… Big Sister Dally is allowed to be … Continue reading

The First Five Minutes

Just to get you in the mood for the upcoming puppies… I decided to share this little guy’s first five minutes of life.  Enjoy! The First 5 Minutes from Carol Greet on Vimeo. … Continue reading

Heifers 3

So, we have gathered and sorted heifers, and now we do our night checks. I’m in charge of the 10:30 pm night check… I’m more a night owl than Vernon, so while he might have been in bed for a couple of hours already, … Continue reading

Heifers 2

What a wonderful springlike day…  warm, snow melting everywhere… runoff turning the creek from clear to red… and more babies! Our cows have now started having babies as well, so within two weeks we’ll be surrounded by calves – bucking, … Continue reading