#TBT: Winter Herefords

A snapshot of days gone by… wintery scene with Herefords in our field. No date. (No idea whose hand that is either!) … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “My Country”

My Country Puzzle … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – December 2017 Edition

Marilyn: Question: how is your new granddaughter? and the bigger siblings doing? Reagan seems to be doing fine.  I’ve actually not seen her much, she’s had lots of visitors, so I’ll bug her more when things are quiet again.  Big … Continue reading

Clutch Record

I’d say my record stinks. Back a few months ago… this happened. Eleven chicks! It was totally a surprise as the hen did not set on them in the coop, but in some undisclosed location. Well, across the summer, eleven … Continue reading