Red and Blue Driveway

It’s not too difficult to see what the guys have been doing lately… It’s all parked in my driveway. The ditcher (for cleaning irrigation ditches), the discbine (for cutting hay), the rake (kind of out of sight, but, duh, used … Continue reading


Completed. And for those of you who HAVEN’T read my blog since I started this studio in 2009… Go HERE and see what my studio USED to look like.  I’m actually astonished and I did most of the work! Now, … Continue reading

Barn Tunnel

Tess and I spent this cool morning working in the barn… While Tess sorted through racks of bridles… I screwed some boards into place. What was an open area now has boards to funnel the bales to the appropriate spot … Continue reading


Cuteness: Just shows how tiny he is… he can stand under his momma pony’s belly! I’ll post a quick video of him on Facebook tomorrow… it’s already on Instagram if you’re interested.  (Just click on the red camera icon on … Continue reading