Wordless Wednesday – “Sentinel”

Sentinel Puzzle … Continue reading

Rimrock Rimfire Dally

Dally at Work Dally’s Litter Miss Dally Dally’s Day Dally at Work Swish, Dally (movie) Dog Time (one of which I think has made it into the 2018 English Shepherd calendar) Snow Day (movie) From the Mesa to Home (movie) … Continue reading

Dancing Man Cave

A holiday.  Like a REAL holiday on an ACTUAL holiday!  Wooohooo! Thanks to the arrival of Vernon’s sister and brother-in-law from California, and Victoria, et al, from Kaycee… we took a real day off (ok, so there WAS some irrigating … Continue reading


PO.  LAR.  IS. Polaris.  What’s its other name? This was our focus last night about this time as the four oldest grandsons and I snuggled into our sleeping bags atop the trampoline.  The air was brisk, enough that protruding limbs … Continue reading

A Bit

This summer is FULL of surprises! I went to let my chickens out yesterday morning.  There was a hen sitting in the corner, which was WEIRD.  I was trying to get the kittens out of the coop… the little buggers … Continue reading