The Zone

For the women out there… (sorry, guys… estrogen area ahead!) Do you remember “The Zone”? For those of you my age… we endured childbirth the “natural” way… no drugs, nada, nothing.  My oldest, my daughter, took forever!  My middle child … Continue reading


This last blizzard stopped me from going to Casper and seeing my sister and brother-in-law.  They are up from Texas… just in time to enjoy a few inches of snow and howling winds.  Believe me, the winds can howl in … Continue reading

Heifer Vaccination

While the boys were here for spring break… we managed to do those jobs that need everyone on board.  We’ll AI (artificially inseminate) our young yearling heifers in May but the process begins now… vaccinating them with PregGuard. Since Daniel … Continue reading

Even though…

Even though you’d think the entire ranch has come to a standstill to watch and ooooh and aaaah over Elsa’s litter of puppies… of course, that isn’t true. Thanks to Vernon and Johnny’s hard work, the cattle are still being fed… … Continue reading

Big Sister

Dally is confused.  She woke me up the other night at 2 am with a “barking fit”.  Turns out she was telling me Elsa had gone into labor… but I ignored her… at 2 am, I try to ignore many … Continue reading