Two Days Old

They already look fat… how can that be? I try not to bother them too much… I check on them when I feed Elsa 3 times a day… which by the way, she and my other dogs have flat out … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – All 11 Puppies

For this Wordless Wednesday… relax and enjoy all eleven puppies! … Continue reading

Puppies – the rest of ’em!

I finally finished roll call… and moved Elsa outside the doghouse, but next to it amongst the straw bales.  I feel better that there is more room and hopefully less chance of laying on one. So here goes… Pup #6 … Continue reading

Puppies 3

I managed to steal the first 5 to photograph and check over quickly. Here they are: Dark sable and white male. Sable and white male. Pup #3 Sable and white male Pup #4 Tri-colored male Pup #5 sable and white … Continue reading