From brown to green

The past two days have been a radical change.  Our warmest days had been from 45-50 degrees and the nights had remained very crisp and wintery.  Yesterday we reached a high of 72 and today was 76.  Seemingly overnight the … Continue reading


I knew I should have checked my spelling…it is Kalahari, not Kalihari… I will correct it! Lucas gave me a scare this morning.  He didn’t meet me at the back door, he didn’t come when called, he wasn’t in sight.  … Continue reading

King of the Kalahari

I have, for the past three weeks, played “Shuffle the Dogs” while Elsa was in heat.  Early morning I’d rotate who would help in the corral, the other would go into the kennel with Dally for the 3 hours that … Continue reading

Family Resemblance

Dally and Lucas survey the badlands scenery while the snow-capped Big Horn Mountains recline behind them. … Continue reading


Today was the first day we’ve managed to make it out into our “badlands” pastures.  These are BLM lands where we run our cattle in conjunction with some other ranchers.  We rotate between three pastures, using two a year, in … Continue reading