Apologies, Thanks, and Creativity

Apologies, Thanks, and Creativity First, let me extend my apologies for not posting last night.  I have sincerely tried to keep my postings consistent.  However, Brandon came home from Laramie last night and bounced his Dodge Dakota into the guardrail … Continue reading

Lucas’ Paw

For those of you ready to follow pysanky instructions, never fear… I’ll continue your lessons, but figured I needed to mix it up a little.  Keep researching designs and transfer some outlines to your egg(s).  Did you place your order yet? Meanwhile… … Continue reading

Eggs Pysanky 101

Most women out here – meaning those on ranches that I have met – have something to occupy their “off” time.  Some are amazing cooks, making bagels and doughnuts – some are into horses, spending time on lead changes and … Continue reading

OOPE Feeding

Last night Vernon asked me to help feed this morning.  We needed to get done in good time in order to go help our neighbors vaccinate their cows.  He rises early.  I followed.  At 5:30 this morning.  Made our coffee. … Continue reading


I placed an order over the internet today… just a simple little reorder of supplies for my favorite craft. Throughout the years, I’ve had many interests… cross-stitch was a favorite.  Bead and leatherwork still call to my hands…  I’ve braided … Continue reading