Introducing Jazz

My daughter recently came home to help with our cows…and to celebrate her 24th birthday.  (Wow.  I can’t be that old… )  She recently became the proud owner of one Miniature Australian Shepherd pup.  We’ve had lots of Aussies and … Continue reading


What began as an invigorating hike morphed into one of those meandering strolls, like Lucas and I experienced here.  But instead of Lucas being exhausted, it was me!  I feel so good lately, I go out and try to do … Continue reading


I am, with some trepidation, beginning a new project.  A couple of years ago, we bought some property from the neighbors which included the main ranch house and all outbuildings and some amazing hay fields.  This is a setting easily … Continue reading

The Huntress

“English Shepherds have been bred for generations as all-purpose, working farm dogs. Their responsibilities have ranged from herding and protecting stock, to dispatching vermin, guarding the home, and watching over children.” That is a direct quote (my italics) from The … Continue reading


As a child, I was terrified of the dark.  I didn’t like going into the basement because I had to turn the light out at the bottom of the stairs and RUN up the stairs so no bogeyman could grab … Continue reading