Photo of “Cuteness”

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an entry about “Cuteness”.  Lucas and I attended school for the last time this spring, and once again, we had the pleasure of listening to kindergartners read.  This time the weather was cooperative … Continue reading

Spring days

The days are mixed…glorious sunshine, pouring rain, lost flakes of snow drifting down, rising creek level, unfurling stems of Indian paintbrush, hard work, relaxing walks, dogs chasing rock chucks, picking rocks from the field, cleaning house, watching my lawn grow ignoring … Continue reading

Mountain trip

Just a couple more notes about our drive up the mountain… 1.  Taking those wildflower photos was a challenge.  Yes, the snow was gone and the soil was warm, but it seems like whenever I sit down (or lay down … Continue reading


Though the first flowers of the season seem to be phlox…it is a plain white flower which lays close to the ground… and though welcome, never seems to inspire.  Yellow bells lead the way for celebration.  Their mustard color and … Continue reading

Up the mountain

We have had multiple snowstorms blow through… some have hit us, some just barely over the top of us, as we can see the snow line just a few hundred feet up the mountain.  Today, though, has been a gorgeous … Continue reading