What are you DOING???

The dull thud echoed around me.  The crunch of fallen leaves as my 3 dogs zipped through them were silenced and the resulting quiet was broken by the hollow thump.  Curious, I quickly dropped my camera from my eyes, and looked … Continue reading

Here they come… there they go

My sister took this picture for me… I love it.  Here we all are, well, my sister and my husband are both following us with the pickup and horsetrailer… But look!  It’s US!  After a long day of cowboyin’, we … Continue reading

KD gets a new home

I know without a doubt that I have learned more about dogs in the past few years than I ever knew before…  Since I was young, I dreamed of my own dog.  My dad had bird dogs…until we moved to … Continue reading

A Bad Bike Ride

 I’d pulled the onions from the garden, fearing a hard freeze.  It was 5 o’clock, just enough time for a quick bike ride before I had to cook supper.  I left the onions laying out to dry in the last … Continue reading

Gotta Go

Camouflage. Sometimes, just sometimes, when Vernon says he has to run to the other place for some odd quick job, I just gotta go.  I gotta stop looking out my living room window.  I gotta breathe some clean air that … Continue reading