Then This

Yard work.  Mowing, picking up.  Even helping Tess with a project I didn’t get pics of… Then… .77″ of rain overnight. Then this… Five inches of heavy, wet snow pulling down my lilacs and cherry bushes. It’s still snowing!  What … Continue reading


Rain, rain, and more rain.  People in Wyoming shouldn’t complain about rain.  For an area that receives only 14″ of it throughout a year, every little bit helps.  We usually measure rainfall in hundredths of an inch! This March was … Continue reading

Rain Day

Wow, it’s amazing… .65″ of rain today!  That’s a Good Rain for here! No yard work today, that’s for sure. I managed to make some more bookmarks for sale at the library, and enjoyed a book in front of a … Continue reading

#TBT: Old Flood

Springtime high water is not a new thing.  No date. Bridge over the Nowood Creek. … Continue reading

Multiple Personality Disorder

From nice, warm, springlike days to sunny but windy days, to flat out blizzard conditions… oh, goody for you, Wyoming!  You have your multiple personality disorder in fine form! … Continue reading