Eclipse Preparations

Checklist for tomorrow… Cameras, tripods, water, chargers, eclipse glasses, solar filter, pinhole viewer, selfie cards, solar paper, water, food, schedule, hat, lawn chairs, shade, water, snacks, bubbles, white cardboard, water… I’ve double-checked the charge on my cameras, I’m taking three… … Continue reading

Wyoming Eclipse Weekend

It’s finally here! Wyoming is rolling out the red carpet for thousands of visitors for the solar eclipse on Monday.  Every town has “something” going on… We aren’t in the totality, but we’ve seen an increase in traffic!  Here, Ten … Continue reading

And Then This

Small fire erupted this afternoon, most likely from a lightning strike yesterday or the day before.  My guys were right on it… and were joined by neighbors, Ten Sleep Fire, BLM, Worland Fire, and the Forest Service… plus a spotter … Continue reading

Old-fashioned Storm

We spent most of the day without power… no biggee there, I’m set with a gas stove for cooking and wood stove for heat… it does really impact what you can and can’t do though! First order of business was … Continue reading

Then This

Yard work.  Mowing, picking up.  Even helping Tess with a project I didn’t get pics of… Then… .77″ of rain overnight. Then this… Five inches of heavy, wet snow pulling down my lilacs and cherry bushes. It’s still snowing!  What … Continue reading