Wordless Wednesday – “Jackpot”

Did I ever properly introduce you to Jackpot???

previewJackpot Puzzle


I keep seeing friends sharing photos that have been filtered through the Prisma app.

I had to join in.

My favorite (newest) photo of Brandon using different filters…


Second Time Lapse

Second time lapse.

I was guessing at the direction and angle… since my GoPro doesn’t have a screen and it wouldn’t talk to my iPad, this is what I managed to capture.  Although it’s not bad, I certainly would have framed it differently if I’d had an idea of what it was filming… More Sky! More Sky!

Sundown from Carol Greet on Vimeo.



The countdown is continuing for the Total Solar Eclipse…

One thing I wanted to do for it was have a time lapse of the landscape.  That meant pulling out my sadly neglected GoPro and trying to figure it out AGAIN.  It gave me nothing but frustration the first few times I’ve tried it, but it was now or never.

I decided to try to coat my tipi while using the GoPro.

The coating was a failure because I didn’t have enough ingredients and it was more like thick paste instead of a liquid, but I did what I could and I hope to just buy more ingredients and continue this next week.

My little movie was my first attempt at time lapse…

and the seven second movie won’t play here…

Somehow there must be a widget or player I don’t have…

I’m posting it on my Facebook page to see if it works there…

I guess this post is a Fail/Fail!



While I was off gallivanting with other Wyoming librarians… my family was still working on the ranch… moving cattle this time!

It was another exposure for the little boys to help ride and work.

I think they loved it! (and I’m sorry I missed it)

(photos shamelessly stolen from Megan and Tess)