Well, I told Tess about the great wildflowers, and we decided it was perfect for Lacee’s third birthday photos…

L3I loaned her my old cowboy hat… and I gotta say, the girl rocked my hat!



We actually had some sunshine today!  I managed to haul some compost…


and spread it in my garden and rototill it in for the first time.


I, then, decided to run up the hill and get some white gypsum rocks for my flower bed… and I found flowers…


thousands and thousands of flowers.


This rain is giving us a gorgeous bloom on them this year!


Branding Favorite


More rain and cool weather… better than the snow they received further south of us… but still.  In a place you shouldn’t whine about rain… everyone is starting to whine about rain (and snow).

I didn’t accomplish much today, so here’s another favorite from branding.

leeCaught in the moment when the wrestling team has hold of the calf and the roper can turn and take his dally off his saddle horn, our young neighbor did a great job of roping.  I like that the cowboy and his horse are both turning, and even if you can’t see the calf on the rope, you do see the calf behind him in the shed… so you have an idea of the story.

#TBT: Buffalo Bill Museum

A photo postcard from the Buffalo Bill Museum… no date.

Very interesting to locals as it is now composed of five different museums… The Buffalo Bill Museum, Whitney Western Art Museum, Cody Firearms Museum, Draper Natural History Museum, and The Plains Indian Museum.  Definitely a worthy stop if you’re traveling to Yellowstone Country and Cody, Wyoming.

buffalo bill museum