Long Live the Queens

So much going on…  I’ll finish this story first.

I released my three new queens into their hives where they’ve been acclimating themselves and their new subjects.  Two went smoothly, I opened their queen cages and they came out in a minute or so…  One hive didn’t act very receptive, so I’m not sure how well that’s going to go.

Still, I did all I knew to do, so if it works, it works.

(Bryant Honey was so very nice to put bright yellow dots on the queen to help locate her.  I appreciate that Very Much!)

queenJoan wanted to know how you recognize the queen when they DON’T have bright dots on them… They are much longer than the rest of the bees.  They look very elegant actually.  They are made to lay thousands of eggs, and once you see her, you know what you’re looking at.

Old queens or worker queens don’t lay healthy larvae and those in random patterns, where a new, young queen lays one egg in every cell, creating an entire brood comb.  The hive will not be healthy, or strong enough to make the winter with a weak queen.  The entire viability of the hive rests with the queen.

Hopefully, these new queens will work out.  Time will tell.

Long Live the Queens!

#TBT: Winter Cows

Since some of you are suffering through a heat wave…

This goes back to 1930’s? winter time… snow on the ground… Herefords on the hill.

(Thanks to J.A.G. – who posts old family photos so I can steal some of them and post them here!)


Wordless Wednesday – “Morning Light”

morning lightStill loving my morning light photos…

previewMorning Light Puzzle

Hoping for Success

There’s plenty I don’t know about beekeeping and that was apparent today.  I’ve purchased three new queens, as I didn’t see any larva or brood when I first checked the hives.  My second check gave me the suspicion of a working layer… a worker bee that has begun laying as a queen.  She will have irregular patterns of laying her eggs, and will often lay multiple eggs in one cell, and sometimes the eggs will be off color.


It’s best to find her… kill her… and replace her with a new queen.

Well, I found her…worker queen


And, yes, I killed her.

Today I will put the new queen inside, still in her cage, then release her tomorrow… Hopefully, by then, they’ll accept her and not commit regicide!

This is all new to me… and I’m hoping for success!

Branding Portraits, Three

Jfire tendersFire tenders… yes, Quinlan’s face is filthy…

cooksWe reenacted the cooks’ photo from this post

BThat’s all, folks!  Thanks for putting up with my “fun”.

(This post is late due to NO POWER last night… extreme weather in Wyoming, torrential rain, hail, tornadoes… crazy times in the Far Far West)