Wordless Wednesday – “Pretty Pronghorn”

previewPretty Pronghorn Doe Puzzle


Two minutes after a tired little boy fell asleep, the phone rang with the news that we had a calf out on the highway.  Of course, we did.

I sent a text to Brandon… the only one of us who always carries his phone (or has one, in my case).  It didn’t say “received”… so… with me the only one available, I lugged two kids out to the Durango and went in search of our lost babe.

I drove by… and turned around and drove back, and drove by, and went back… and once more, for luck!  No calf in sight.  They *can* put themselves back… and I was fairly positive this one had, because I couldn’t see him!

I eased on up the highway, then saw this.

creekWell, honestly, what I first saw was ripples in the creek from this little calf swimming!  Babies!  For heaven’s sake!

He climbed out on the bank and I snapped his pic.

calfThe top ledge was too much for him… one more try and he landed in the water.  Scenarios ran through my head.  You can’t reach this spot without hiking or using a four wheeler… and I had two little kids with me!  I’d need rope, and, dangit! I had left my gloves in the house… Could I get there somehow????

The day was warm-ish… I’m sure the creek isn’t.

I debated.  I turned the car around and sploosh!  One more time in the creek.

calfAt least, this time he climbed out further down the creek.  I lost sight of him behind the tree, and I backed up.

calfWell, ya little booger… you’re safe!  Whew.

All it cost me was a little time and thinking before things were all right with his world again.  I was very grateful for that!

As for the lost babe… he, too, must be happy somewhere!

Ranch Kid

flaggerRanch kids learn jobs early.  Lorelei is waving her stock flag out the window as we sit on the side of the road with our emergency flashers blinking.  We’re alerting other (very few) drivers that, hey, there’s cows on the road, so please slow down!

After a while, though… that job is boring.  So she migrates to the front seat to “drive”.

driverThis would be totally wrong if we were going 65 mph.  Since it took over half an hour to go three quarters of a mile… with emergency flashers on… we didn’t feel much danger from the three cars that went by…

And I got the “moving them down the highway” shot I wanted!


Call It

Finally!  A few cows were turned out onto green grass and fresh pasture!

pairDaniel cuts out a pair…

pairThey come out onto the highway…

babyI had a little baby who lost its momma… but the guys found her and turned her back… and then we could slowly walk down the highway.  We were slow, but we got there!

highwayOnly three quarters of a mile later… we turned them into their new pasture… and went and cut out some more!  It’s much easier to trail small bunches of cows and their babies, since the calves are so little.  We repeated this three times, and called it a day!

green grass