This time of year, that word, “harvest”, applies to so many different things.

Part of it is harvesting some minor money off of all the hunters that have descended upon Ten Sleep.  Our Hunter Fest is full of raffles and small tables of wares… including the library.  We sold our neck/head scarves and raffle tickets.

hunter festOf course, I bought some raffle tickets there too… but didn’t win!

Then a few hours later… we were putting on the Harvest Dinner.  It’s our big fundraiser for the Ten Sleep Ambulance and Library plus our raffle and live auction.  I *did* win a couple items there for once.  Yay, me!  It’s a busy, busy evening, and I came home and deflated quickly!  Somehow, believe it or not… I totally spaced taking any photos… I can’t believe that!

I did run out to the edge of town and grab some quick pics of all the elk that are bedded down in a field beside the LDS church.  They’re pretty safe there with the highway on one side and houses and church on the others.  I’m sure many a hunter was just beside himself, wanting to harvest a few of them.



One of the coolest displays in the Spice Village mega store (where there are tons of cool displays)… was this one.

paperUse them for tags, bookmarks, frame them… whatever.  Different sizes.  Hardly any repeats in that entire bin!!!  There were two bins, and wall art, some on handmade paper.  Way cool.  Right up my alley.  Funny.  Satirical.  Whimsical.  Thoughtful.  All beautiful.

seamermaidmermaidpeterpanAs for what’s happening on the ranch?

Cold weather is coming.  Tomorrow I will be caught up in the Harvest Dinner and related activities…

T-shirt Conversations and Nice People


I’m still waiting on 200+ photos to download… so here’s some interesting stories from my trip…

  • We took 100 pounds of Wyoming Sugar and 100 pounds of fresh pinto beans down to Texas to donate to people impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  We gave it all to Sylvia and her crew in Seadrift, Texas.  I also followed her back on Facebook to watch her inspiring activities to lift up her town and neighbors.  I wrote about it here.  My last words were a plea for ant and flea poison, as these pests have infiltrated the houses around there.  I noticed a couple of days later later that “Seadrift’s Treasure Chest” on Facebook posted this.

poisonNow, I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world that Sylvia talked to about the need for these supplies, but it made my heart glad that these things appeared soon after I wrote about them.  It doesn’t matter to me if I’m the reason for this gift box… but IF one of you out there DID do this… I wanted to give you my sincerest gratitude.  I believe in my READERS… and I just want to think it WAS one of you!  THANKS.

  • I am a new fan of Stripes Convenience Stores and Laredo Tacos.  If anyone wants to open one in Ten Sleep… I’ll loan you $50 to help you get started!!!!  (I may be a little poor after this two week vacation!) Holy cow, you’ve got a great business and wonderful tacos!  I will always stop at a Stripes from now on.  You have great people working in your stores.
  • While visiting Chip and Joanna’s Magnolia Market in Waco, I was wearing my Ten Sleep Volunteer Firefighting shirt.  A crew of friendly ladies from Chicago was getting organized for a group photo when I stepped in to help so they could all be in the picture.  Come to find out, two of the women were married to Chicago Firefighters.  We visited a bit.  And then again in the warehouse.  And then again on the trolley.  We finally ran into them the last time at Spice Village (which I HIGHLY recommend).  One looked at my shirt and said, “Ten Sleep.  Hmmm.  Have you ever heard of Twelve Sleep?  It’s from a book.”  “You mean, C.J. Box’s books?  Yeah, he stole the name from my town and changed it!”  “Oh, you know of him?”  “Well, I work in a library and I went to high school with him.”  Oh, my.  I had half of them squealing.  “You went to high school with C.J. Box???”  “Yes, but we called him Chuck!”  They wanted to know more, but since I haven’t seen Chuck in 40 years, I didn’t have too much to add, but, hey, I will play my cards when I have them… so… “Have you heard of Craig Johnson?”  “OOOH, doesn’t he write Longmire?”  Which then led into discussion on the tv show and Longmire Days and sheesh, I was telling them to come out to Wyoming for the next Longmire Days and go to Yellowstone and we were *friends*!  (BTW, Longmire’s last season will debut on 11/17/17 on Netflix).  Thanks, Chuck and Craig!
  • Ten days later, we walked into a weaponry shoppe at the Texas Renaissance Festival, as my nephew was on the hunt for a wooden bow.  The man at EarthBones BladeWorks glanced at my tshirt (I was wearing that Firefighting shirt… it had been washed) and asked where Ten Sleep is located.  “North-central Wyoming.”  “Ah… I was just there not too long ago.  In a place called Ucross.”  Now, immediately… my brain starts firing some extra neurons… and I smiled.  “What were you doing in Ucross?”  “Visiting an author.”  Yup.  The circle was complete.  I laughed to myself and asked, “Oh, Craig??????”  You know… like we’re bestest buds EVAH… “You know Craig Johnson???”  “Well, yeah.”  He peered sideways at me.  “How well do you know him?”  Now there’s a simple question with a complicated answer… until I blurted out, “Well, I’ve slept in his house!!!”  I felt like such a dwebe… but how do you describe a casual friendship in one sentence????  I’m never good at quick answers!!! Anyway, we had the most wonderful conversation while my nephew chose and tried out various bows.  Thanks, Craig!

What a wonderful, small, and very nice world we live in… We should remember that.

And we should be grateful for tshirts that kick off conversations with nice people!





Where to begin???

While I missed much of the major work around the ranch while I was gone, (preg testing, trailing the cows off the top of the mountain), I arrived back just in time for the major work at work!!!  The library’s busy week is halfway over, so I spent the day catching up.  The Harvest Dinner Raffle and Auction is SATURDAY, for heaven’s sake…  So there was work setting up and organizing the newest donations.  We are far short of our normal amount so far, hopefully, people are just procrastinating!  (We accept any NEW and/or HANDCRAFTED items).  Our book sale is also this week… I let everything stand as it was… everyone did a great job there.  We also started our “After the Bell” Program this week.  While we have always been a safe and fun place for kids to go to after school, we now offer programmed activities four days a week.  I’m very excited because we have some great “makerspace” activities planned with new “toys” which include Ozobots, Magformers, and 3D pens.  We’re also giving plenty of time for “old-fashioned” play… and craft activities.

There hasn’t been time for me to do anything with all my photos and videos, in fact, it seems to be taking forever to download them to my computer!

My garden is toast.

My baby chicks have grown.

Lucas and Eden missed me like crazy.

Vernon said he missed me too!

I went from 93˚ and 90% humidity in Texas to 29˚ with 29% humidity in Wyoming!!! (Today it crept back up to the 70˚s, but there’s definitely fall in the air!)

Texas was great, but my heart is in WyHOMEing.




Wordless Wednesday: Roadtrip: Great Ending

Sister, cousin, me, brother!