Shaky Celebration

Best laid plans…

Victoria was ready to come celebrate her birthday here… But poor little Waylon’s tummy had different ideas.  I’m really sorry it didn’t work out, so I have to wish her Happy Birthday long distance…

We carried on with the first official sled day at my house…

Later, inside, as I was sipping hot chocolate, my house began to shake! First thought was the heavy wet snow was sliding off my roof, but it continued on for too long and I had noticed it was all gone when we were out sledding.  The next guess that flew into my mind, was that one of these two huge cottonwoods had fallen over, though there was no crunching, breaking sounds which accompany that.  Finally, in the space of a couple of seconds, it hit me.  It was an earthquake!

“What was that?” I yelled to the kids.  “We don’t know”, they answered, too absorbed in their tv program I’d plugged them into.

I slipped on boots and did a walkaround of my house outside.  No trees down.  No explosion evidence.  No smell of fire or anything unusual.  Brandon’s cows were grazing along undisturbed and Eden came to greet me from under the tree.  The fog lay low, and had all day, so I couldn’t see anything very far away.

Of course, I then headed inside to check the internet, and found neighbors asking if anyone else had felt that!  YEAH. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt an earthquake!  Finally, it showed up on my quake feed.  4.2 further south of us near the county line.

An hour later, parents came to collect children, and we Facetimed with Victoria.  Had she come over, she could have had a shaky celebration!



Big Snow

This photo makes it look like my windmill is entirely buried.  It isn’t.  We did have 8″ though!  Lots of cow work happening today in the neighborhood, but I’m headed to the warm library.


Wordless Wednesday – “Morning Smokers”

previewMorning Smokers

Halloween Visit

Happy Halloween!

We were visited by a vampire bat, Dusty Crophopper, and the puppy versions of Tuff and Jekyll.

puppiesDustyTen Sleep is a great place for Halloween!

Ten Sleep

Cool Cowboys

Guaranteed to happen:

Work outside in the cold (22˚ this morning).

creek crossing

Ride, walk, work the gate sorting cattle – back and forth, back and forth.


Ride some more.


Stand around, cooling off and getting stiff, but talking with neighbors and buyers.

Go home.

Drink two cups of hot chocolate.

Finally make supper.


Tip over.

I had no ambition to blog last night.

The best part of the day?  When it warmed up just a bit… and preschool was over… one of our top hands showed up for the job of kicking the cows out to our Ritchie Pasture.  Same pony, different cowboy.  Good job, Jaxon!