Wordless Wednesday – “Proud Parents”

canada goose
previewProud Parents Puzzle

Click on the small photo above to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle of the photo.

Give your brain some fun time!

Bluebell Hill

Spent all day in town getting a haircut and cruising the greenhouses!  Oh, yeah, and buying a TON of groceries for branding dinner…

I think the Q&A session will get pushed to Thursday… or Friday… it’s getting crazy around here and, of course, I’m on duty at the library as well!

I found this to be a bit different for a topic…

You know when professionals tell you to test your soil or amend it with various substances so that whatever you are trying to grow finds its favorite ingredients????  Here’s Mother Nature doing that…

bluebell hillAll winter long, it’s easy to see the stratigraphy of this hill… there’s a wide grey band running through the middle of it.  Now with all the rain, the dirt has been covered by foliage… but where are all the bluebells???

bluebell hillYes, just along that strip.

If you want to grow some bluebells in your garden, I know where you can get some dirt!

Hammer Creek

hammer creekLucas drinks out of what I call “Little Hammer Creek”… and, yes, this is much, much bigger than normal!  Here’s to hoping all that snow on the mountain comes off gently and not too fast!

Third Time

This is the third time in a couple of months I’ve had a cold.

Today was shot for me.

I managed to sit on the couch and read… and sit on the couch and watch tv… and sit on the couch and wire wrap another pendant…


I’m giving myself some flowers from a trip up the mountain the other night..

Spring beauties, which appear as the snow recedes… and the biggest yellow bells I’ve ever seen… trust me.

spring beautiesyellow bells

Mahogany Hills Pendant

For those of you called by the colors of the earth, this rectangular agate echoes the mahogany hills and dry prairie grasses of Wyoming.  Infused with seams of chocolate shadows, the stone reflects the land.  Wear this pendant and keep yourself grounded in nature’s beauty.

Also included are two matching pierced earrings wrapped with silver wire.

I’m offering this set for sale.

pendantwire wrap


rulercloseupRead the following details CLOSELY.

Bids will be open on this blog post ONLY, post your bid in the comment section.  Bids made elsewhere (Facebook, Twitter) will not be accepted.

Bidding will start at $45 for the set.

The chain is NOT included in the price.

The size of the pendant is 1.5 inches x 3 inches.

Bidding will end on May 15, 2017 at midnight, Mountain Time.

All bids should be in even dollar amounts, no cents.

Payment can be made through Paypal or check.  Jewelry will be mailed after your check clears.

You will be contacted through your email address with which your bid was made.  Should you not respond within three days, the next highest bidder will be chosen.

Please add $4.50 for shipping.

Feel free to share this post if you know someone who’d love this unique piece, hand-made in Wyoming!