Wordless Wednesday – “Rustic Eden”

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Top Ten 2017

Let’s do this… Time to countdown the top ten posts of 2017.

10.Custom Hat Step by Step

9. Rimrock English Shepherds

8. Let’s Rodeo

7. Help!

6. The Big Tipi

5. Quiet Evening

4. Very Best

3. Those Elk

2. Rimrock Rimfire Dally

  1. Jewel

There are so many memories of this past year… and I’m surprised at what did and didn’t make the list.

Site statistics are weird… the most hits, the most comments… and then there are *my* personal favorites.  (Elk on the highway might get lots of hits… but that’s not a memorable occasion for me!)

In no particular order… the arrival of Reagan Elizabeth to our wild and crazy crew of grandkids, the passing of sweet little Dally, the total solar eclipse, my Texas trip and all of its adventures, shooting the net gun to capture elk!, the gunstock made by Daniel, Longmire Days, being interviewed for “Why I Farm”, winning the hat and boots and jacket, enjoying Dancing Man Cave, and all the standard fare for ranch living…

It’s been a great year.  Thanks for making me write all these memories down!

Now on to 2018.

Work hard.  Smile often. Laugh more. Read. Breathe. Pet your dog.  Love your family. Count your blessings.  Praise Him.

Happy One

While I might normally post my top ten of 2017 on this day… This time I will just wish Vernon a happy birthday!  We celebrated with grilled pork chops, baked potatoes, black-eyed peas, and Italian Coconut Creme Cake.  Plus a game or two, some football, and some short people blowing out his birthday candles for him!

It was a good birthday!

Looking At You

Here’s looking at you, 2018!

I hope this new year brings you happiness!


Winter’s Two

She started with nine.

Two cracked.

Two hatched.

She bustled after those lucky two, and the rest had cooled down by the time I found them.