Picking on B

BBBBBPicking on B. (in black and white, no less!).  Don’t know why, but most of my favorites from branding include B.!  So, he gets a post to himself.

Don’t tell him, I’ll never hear the end of it!

(P.S., everybody wants to be a roper, but at the Greet Ranch, ropers, too, take a turn at wrestling calves!)

Gorgeous Light

I’ve moved from tired and sore to flat out exhausted.  After saddling at 5 am, we were finally home at 2:30 pm.  I ate and drank and drank and drank (hot day), then fell asleep.  I’ve been dozing off and on since.  I do something productive, sit down, then boom! wake up 30 minutes later!

Allergy season has arrived for me as well, so, yay!

I do get tomorrow off so I don’t know why I’m complaining.  I’m babysitting so Megan can ride… maybe I can finish my garden and cleaning up from branding!

I do have to say that the sunrise made for gorgeous light…

sunrisemegancreek crossingshadow

In No Particular Order

More sorting and moving cows and calves…

More branding photos for you in no particular order.

vaccinatorsThe vaccinating team.

wrestlersRopers were busy.  Six wrestling teams on the ground at once!  We had a BIG crew this year.

QQuinlan helped mark a few calves.  After they’ve been vaccinated, a chalk mark is applied to their back, so everyone can tell who has received what.

whatNice looking babies!

meSomeone stole my camera… and grabbed a shot of Brandon and I!

BBrandon drags a calf out of the catch pen.

cloudsBranding under the Big Western Sky!

B ‘n’ B

Yay, the big branding is OVER!  Thanks to a great crew and family… we worked all day and completed our task.


Not only that, but today is Lacee’s third birthday!


We convened for her party tonight after branding.  She is a very lucky little girl.