“Elsa, Dear”  is my endearment for this little lady.  As hard-headed as she can be sometimes…othertimes she is my silent shadow, at my heels, head tilted to see any look, any sign that I give that might concern her.  A hand reaching for my pocket may mean a treat for her.  A whisper of ssssssss in any form sends her looking for and/or chasing the closest cattle.  Jump, along, off, down, over, are her “agility” commands that may appear at any moment.  Today on our walk, she was a shadow…bereft when I put her on a down/stay and walked back to take this picture.  Oh, Elsa, Dear, you aren’t in trouble!  You’re a Good Dog.

Favorite Model

“You ask me of my companions. The hills sir, and the sundown, and a dog as large as myself.” – Emily Dickinson


Elsa will jump just about anywhere!  She’s making sure I’m still on the ground as she is high up on our haystack!


This is one of my favorite pictures taken on our cruise.  We saw iguanas everywhere we went, Honduras, Belize, and Mexico.  By the time we toured the Tulum ruins I had plenty of photos of iguanas!  But this one wouldn’t move, and he was posing so well!  The strange thing is…not long ago, riding on the trailer going down to our school section, I glanced at the rocks above me.  I did a classic double take, for an instant, in the middle of cold Wyoming, I saw an iguana perched in the sunlight.


I have been very lazy with entries lately…and even reading my last one, I can tell how tired I was!  I remember falling asleep as I typed.  Late nights, early mornings, feeding, and getting extra kinds of exercise are taking its toll.  I now doze before my 10 pm checks…and really really want to sleep in!  We have only 10 heifers left thankfully!  And it would be very very very awesome if they all calved soon, but I imagine some will drag on for the next two weeks…  So, in the interest of fatigue and keeping my small fan club engaged, I think I’ll just share some pictures for the next little bit.  I’ll reconnect when sleep restores my higher level of brain functions!