Different Directions

These days, now that the kids are really adults, when they are home, we all can go different directions and accomplish a great deal.  Early early this morning, Daniel and Victoria accompanied their grandfather to a bull sale in Billings, Montana.  That entails a four hour drive…a walkthrough of the bulls (which, of course, we’ve already read and reread about in the catalog and made a wish list)… lunch… the sale… and a four hour drive home.  I was supposed to go to town and get more electrical supplies, etc. that we were lacking yesterday.  Instead our furnace decided to be temperamental and Vernon decided he would go, get the parts, and try to track down a furnace repairman on a Saturday!  That meant after we fed some cows this morning, I was free to wash dishes and wash clothes.  We were all so filthy after all that plaster dust yesterday, our clothes needed washing desperately as well.  Brandon showed up and did some chores around the house before returning to the Mills place to wake up his cousin.  We all harassed Caleb for sleeping until 10:30!  After lunch and Vernon’s return, we returned to the Mills place for more reconstruction.  It doesn’t look like much, but we did get most of the electrical done, and redone for those outlets that were measured wrong!  I began a signature wall… autographing for posterity the inside wall… adding today’s newspaper… and maybe a few other things… for someone to find eventually.  I did that many times with my Dad… and I always found it a fun idea.  Somewhere in there, the guys doctored a sick calf… Brandon’s girlfriend showed up… I managed to keep Elsa and Lucas from beating up on Jazz… I cooked again… and folded clothes…

The bar takes shape… and I’m not quite as tired as yesterday.  Being pulled different directions is no fun… sending everyone different directions to accomplish more is great!

So Tired

I am SO TIRED… we worked all day up at the Mills place tearing out walls, doing electrical, figuring out stuff on the fly.  Do I want the outlets here or here?  Do you want the stove to be here?  How tall is the bar going to be?  How tall is the back of the stove we haven’t bought yet.  Oh, don’t forget to count in the new flooring, whichever it is and the underlayment and…  and… and… sigh.  I went up there at 8:30 this morning, we broke for a lunch of turkey leftovers, and got back home for supper at 9 tonight.  We’re all coated in plaster dust and sawdust.  I heated up leftover chili and made grilled cheese sandwiches!  That’s all I’m good for!

The main door to the kitchen becomes wider… that’s cousin Caleb helping out.
The header comes out… I want you to know that this is HEAVY stuff… plaster on top of sheetrock… it is like cement!
The four carpenters widen the doorway to the dining room as well…
Victoria stops by to supervise the creation of the bar.
 Caleb and Victoria discuss important events… or something.  The bar is open!  Ha.  Whew.  I am so tired… have I said that???


To You…

To You…

Wherever you go this holiday, whether it be on frosty mornings, or warm afternoons…
Whether you travel far or just down the road…
Whether you meet with friends or hug your relatives…
Know that you are Rich in many things…
Know that Love will carry you through…
That friends and family are blessings…
That the value comes from sharing these times.
To all of my friends,
I Thank You from the bottom of my heart…
For your Caring,
For your Words,
For your Actions,
For your Thoughts.
Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Gone!

Remember just a little while ago, when I talked of Beginnings?  We have been discussing the remodel of the kitchen at the Mills place.  Nothing too pressing… just debating cabinets, and placement of appliances, and some minor stuff.  Well, the boys came home from Laramie on Monday evening.  I spent yesterday in Worland – a little quality time with my doctor and the grocery store – and returned home to teach my 3 Korean-English education classes.  That was my day.  This morning I went to see what the guys did yesterday and guess what?  It’s gone!  The kitchen I knew is GONE!  Here’s proof.

This is where the door goes into the dining room… The stove was here just a few days ago!
This will be widened out to the right about 22 inches, and the rest turned into a breakfast bar.
That was where the dishwasher was.  That is also the interior side of the logs that make my house.  They are actually kind of cool looking.
This was the refrigerator wall.  That doorway is also being widened.  Don’t Brandon and Vernon look like carpenters???  Well, they try!
There’s the pantry… and the wall in front of Daniel will disappear in a bit.   So… this afternoon instead of making pretzel salad and pecan pies and rolls and cleaning and getting ready for tomorrow… I went to town to pick out my flooring!  Since we have workers here, the work needs to get done… of course, that doesn’t include MY work. The kitchen is gone, but my work is still here!  Sigh.  It’s gonna be a LATE night!


This is an OOPE photo from the other day. Note the dark edge of my pocket, proof the camera was really there!  I liked it then… but after spending the weekend with my mother, I like this photo even more.  This is Dally and Elsa trotting along peacefully side by side.  The work is getting done.  There’s no need for urgency or speed.  The silence was comfortable.  At least, I didn’t hear them conversing!  They just seemed much more than mother and daughter, more like buddies sharing an enjoyable moment.  I shared plenty of those this weekend with my mom.  Whether at church or shopping or eating or sitting in front of the fire, my mom and I had a good time.  We always sleep together so that we can talk until we fall asleep!  I have friends whose mothers are far removed from that closeness… mothers that are alcoholics or mothers with mental problems.  I can’t imagine what I would have been like without the closeness of the bond I have with my mom.  Not that she knows my *entire* life, and I know she doesn’t read this (she gave up computers when she retired), so I can safely say there are things she won’t EVER know.  (But I’m not sharing those things with you either, nope, not here.  I mean, I love you, man, but this is not the place!)  That said, my mom knows 90% of what goes on and that’s pretty darn good.  I know I don’t want to know all of what goes on in my daughter’s life either!   Being a buddy didn’t happen overnight.  She can still make me jump if she says, “CAROL!”.  We have reached that time in our lives that no one controls the other.  We are content with our roles and thrilled with our relationship.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday I plan to carry that on with my daughter.  I hope to focus on more of a partnership and less of a dictatorship.  Besides with 6 men coming here to eat, us girls gotta stick together!