Branding in Sepia

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Branding Favorite

Honestly. More rain and cool weather… better than the snow they received further south of us… but still.  In a place you shouldn’t whine about rain… everyone is starting to whine about rain (and snow). I didn’t accomplish much today, … Continue reading

#TBT: Branding Dinner

Feeding the branding crew has always been a Big Deal.  Everyone is working hard and has quite the appetite.  This branding would have been on the top of the mountain, creating challenges of its own. Heat would be a campfire … Continue reading

Branding 2016

The Gauntlet. The branding barrel and my “bar” branding irons. Waiting on the ropers. Vaccinators. Lunchtime. This isn’t out of focus… it’s through the heat of the branding barrels. Keeping the irons hot is a Very Important Job. Dragging one … Continue reading