#TBT: Mountain Branding

Branding on the mountain pasture, no date.  Look at the Herefords! … Continue reading

Favorites from Branding 2016

Checking to see if the irons are hot. The gathering of the grey trailers.  There’s one in every bunch… Headed to the fire. Finished for the day. Helpers. Questions for Daddy. Learning on the job. Words of advice from Uncle … Continue reading

Point of View

Looking for her calf. OOOh, I think I see it! Heading back to mama with a new brand… … Continue reading

Unsung Heroes

Cowboys get all the attention…  Good looking, talented guys on horseback… the Quintessential Romantic Cowboy. But at brandings, there are some unsung heroes… the Vaccinators! Usually, but not always, they’re girls.  Not because girls can’t wrestle, Victoria and I have … Continue reading

Only These

Well,  you could definitely see us from the road today!  We branded our big bunch right next to the highway… Lots of work, Victoria and Matt came over to help, some of Tess’ family is here, and the new additions … Continue reading