Oh, So Close to a Perfect Picture!

I was this close…  [   ] note the size… *this* close to taking the perfect picture yesterday. Well, maybe not technically or artistically for some people… I’m no Ansel Adams!  But when it comes to *MY* category of “working … Continue reading

Old Vs. New OOPE

Moving cattle the other day… down the highway… on a big curve… this appears… EEEEEK! It’s a SEMI!!! Nah… no, worries, mate… we have signs on the road warning of CATTLE ON ROAD, and around here, truckers know to believe … Continue reading

Bruner Draw

This is Bruner Draw.  Named for the man who homesteaded with a small dugout located on the skyline to the right of the most left juniper tree… the fenceline here separates our private ground from BLM.  This is the “badlands”. … Continue reading

Dogs of the Day

Today was the first day in a few, that I’ve been able to settle in, do some chores, play an extended amount of time with the puppies, and have a nice visit with my daughter and her boyfriend.     … Continue reading

Spring Turnout

Thought I’d share my first OOPE video… shot out of my pocket on Saturday. The annoying sound is the camera… but just listen to the bawling of the mommas and babies! Enjoy! Spring Turnout from Carol Greet on Vimeo. … Continue reading