Sore and Achy Part 2

Another day, another dollar. Made a bigger loop today… well, OK, we hauled out and then rode… so it wasn’t really a circle shaped ride. More like an “r”… With multiple squiggly lines radiating out… Left at 6:30. Back at … Continue reading

Sore and Achy Part 1

Nothing like spending 7 hours on horseback to find those sore places on your saddle. Ugh.  I’m ready for bed, but there’s some laundry to do… and I NEED a shower. It was in the 80’s today, so not a … Continue reading

A I School part two

For those readers who cringe at poop, personal bodily functions/descriptions… THIS POST IS NOT FOR YOU! Come back tomorrow. For those readers who have a curiosity about artificial inseminations, this is VERY basic. But, it’ll do… Yesterday we took the … Continue reading

A I School part one

I decided I’d better break this post down to two parts… For the more squeamish… skip tomorrow’s post… I’ll give more details then. For now… Welcome to A. I. School! We’ve AI’d for quite a few years now… but only … Continue reading

Branded in Sepia

I can’t help myself… whenever it is branding time, I have to switch my camera over to sepia mode. J. and J. share a story as Victoria swings a loop. I could do it as an effect on my Iphoto … Continue reading