Wordless Wednesday – “Morning Light”

Still loving my morning light photos… Morning Light Puzzle … Continue reading

#TBT: Old Ways

Just to prove some ways just work the best for us… No date. … Continue reading

Gorgeous Light

I’ve moved from tired and sore to flat out exhausted.  After saddling at 5 am, we were finally home at 2:30 pm.  I ate and drank and drank and drank (hot day), then fell asleep.  I’ve been dozing off and … Continue reading

In No Particular Order

More sorting and moving cows and calves… More branding photos for you in no particular order. The vaccinating team. Ropers were busy.  Six wrestling teams on the ground at once!  We had a BIG crew this year. Quinlan helped mark … Continue reading

B ‘n’ B

Yay, the big branding is OVER!  Thanks to a great crew and family… we worked all day and completed our task. Not only that, but today is Lacee’s third birthday! We convened for her party tonight after branding.  She is … Continue reading