Never Once

I was prepared to be cold today.  All the ranches were going to do the final gather of the stock out in our allotment… which meant riding horseback and covering some country. But Tess called to volunteer… if I’d watch … Continue reading

Afternoon Job

I went along with Vernon this afternoon.  They’ve been turning cows into the home pastures the past few days… and noticed this young cow.  She’s been feeling a tad bit “off”… humped up, not moving much… so we decided to … Continue reading

Breakfast is Served

While I head to town for a dentist appointment and final round of shopping… for Vernon, who finally came up with something he wanted for Christmas… it was easy to see Vernon already had his first chore completed and the … Continue reading

Good Thing

I decided to go out with Vernon and Daniel and check the water in the badlands.  The cows are out there right now, and all of their water tanks must be freed of ice.  All owners that have cattle out … Continue reading

Late Day Trail

Click on the photo below to complete it as a jigsaw puzzle!Late Day Puzzle … Continue reading