New Pasture

I’m having a rough time with my internet at night, connecting, not connected, saving, re-establishing connection… so I’m blogging in the morning, hence, the late posting time! Yesterday, the guys decided to move one cow herd out to another pasture… … Continue reading

Kids and Calves

There’s a lot of suction power from a calf, and this one keeps sucking the bottle lower and lower! The girls are petting the soft hair… It doesn’t take long to drink a bottle! Lorelei barely made it in time … Continue reading

Doesn’t Get Much Newer

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Not For Everyone

Holy chinook, Batman!  We’ve had a warm wind blowing and all our snow is now slush… or ice. Bleh.  That’s Bleh with a capital H. Poor Brandon’s got a black eye from falling into a metal gate while graining the … Continue reading

Waiting on Breakfast

Cold Breakfast Puzzle … Continue reading