A few pics to make you grin… They’re sure growing! … Continue reading

A Bit

This summer is FULL of surprises! I went to let my chickens out yesterday morning.  There was a hen sitting in the corner, which was WEIRD.  I was trying to get the kittens out of the coop… the little buggers … Continue reading

The Saga of Josephine

Pecking order. Have you ever wondered where that phrase came from?  I suggest you watch some chickens, and it will quickly become apparent to you.  There exists a hierarchy among chickens (and just about everything else that lives) and that … Continue reading

Chicken Hunt

Every other day is turning into a chicken hunt. I could lock them up… but I don’t… so… we look here… and there. Eden digs one out from under the loading chute… Lucas bumps a couple with his nose.  They’re … Continue reading

Bare Ground

My chickens are happy with the tiniest bit of bare ground that they can find.  I see it as kind of a “lemon/lemonade” scenario.  The eleven hens are giving me 8-10 eggs a day… so if it makes them happy … Continue reading