Made Me Laugh

Look who gets to free range! Yup, I was going to do this anyway once the snow began to leave… Highly Supervised… but now, since Elsa-the-pheasant-killer is happily running through Dog Heaven, I’m doing this in Less Supervised Mode. Dally … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Her Close-Up”

Wordless Wednesday. Her close-up. … Continue reading

Making Progress

Wow. I’m feeling almost human today. It’s been a week of feeling crummy, so I’m SO glad I’m getting back to normal! I actually worked all day at putting my house in order, though I would have much preferred to … Continue reading


Getting organized for Thanksgiving, including cleaning and straightening up my house, occupied most of my day. Unknown to me, the guys moved the heifers from one field to another.  Had I known, I would have helped… and of course, taken … Continue reading

Cooped Up

After lunch, I decided to transfer the chickens back into the Puppy Coop.  It was such a nice day, 40 and sunny, so it felt good to be out shuffling things around. I grabbed all my dog supplies, crates and … Continue reading