Megan’s Gift

With Megan and presents, you’ll have pretty good luck if it has something to do with the Beatles/1960’s or the Wizard of Oz… Sorry, Dorothy… I went with “Peace, Love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll”, oh, and a little hippy VW … Continue reading


Walked my little feet off today… or it feels like I did. Chasing cows through the brush, running the chute for a while, (until I started to overheat), then mowing my lawn with my little lawnmower (since some small child … Continue reading

Zentangled Shoes

I babysat until afternoon then decided to see if it was dry enough to rototill my garden.  It was. Around and around I went, sparing the volunteer lettuce!  The soil looks great under the straw left from my straw bale … Continue reading

Tempting Work

The weather has been amazing here of late.  I believe Vernon told me in the past 40 days, we’ve received over three inches of rain and wet snow.  That is simply, simply unbelievable. And it’s cold.  I mean, in the … Continue reading

Birthday Shoes

Two little girls’ birthdays are coming up… and part of their presents are these. They are pretty stinking cute if I do say so myself… But I found out the hard way with mine… DO NOT spray them with Scotchguard.  … Continue reading