#TBT: National Puppy Day

Come to find out, today is National Puppy Day… so today’s #tbt????? Lucas as a pup, 2006! … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Waiting and Watching”

Covered in mud from a boggy seep, this is Dally’s version of “Go Lay Down”. … Continue reading

Go Lay Down

“Go Lay Down” A phrase every working dog around here needs to learn… Lucas and Dally have it down pat… Eden needs some work!  I remember Elsa having problems with it, as well, and I guess that gene is in … Continue reading

Working Dog

I opted for babysitting Quinlan and Lorelei today so that Megan could ride.  It helped me get my house cleaner… and lawn watered some… and two loads of laundry finished!  But then, Tess and I took up lunch to the … Continue reading

Honestly Puzzle

The guys were busy today bangs vaccinating our heifers.  I was at work at the library.  I honestly feel SO GUILTY on these days if I’m not home to help!  After years and years of doing the work, it just … Continue reading