That Grin

Longmire Days was fun… definitely more people this year, although I really only felt it at the street dance.  I didn’t push for photos or autographs, but just enjoyed the visits, the food, the craft fair, the town of Buffalo, … Continue reading

Why I Farm

A little while ago, I had a visit from a determined young lady named Natalina Sents.  She was working on a project called Why I Farm.  Sponsored by Beck’s, a seed company, the goal is simply to recognize farmers (and … Continue reading

Grandkids’ Day

It must have been Grandkids’ Day at the Greet Ranch. Early in the morning, Quinlan gets to try out a neighbor’s “kids’ horse” for the first time. It was an easy ride of a few miles along a road… and … Continue reading

#TBT: Birthday Boy

Happy birthday to Daniel…  What an amazing 29 years it’s been! … Continue reading


Well, I told Tess about the great wildflowers, and we decided it was perfect for Lacee’s third birthday photos… I loaned her my old cowboy hat… and I gotta say, the girl rocked my hat! … Continue reading